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Chere Negaard

chere negaard
Chere Jean Glaze was born March 7, 1942 in Hawthorne, California. Harriet (Jordan) Glaze, and Kenneth Clifford Glaze were her parents. Chere was educated in public schools in Inglewood, California. She graduated from Inglewood High School in 1960. She was awarded 'Girl of the Year'. She was active in music programs in school and church. She attended Graceland College for two years earning an Associates Arts degree in Liberal Arts. In her second year at Graceland she married John Negaard on December 24, 1961. She enrolled in the University of California at Los Angeles in 1962. Her first son, Eric, was born in November of 1963. Her second son, Kirk, was born in June of 1965. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in 1972 and her Master degree in Library Science in 1975. After graduating from UCLA Chere accepted a job at Northrop University as Director of the library. She worked there for 7 years before accepting a job at UCLA as research librarian and manager of public documents. Her son, Kirk was killed in a motorcycle accident in 1987 at age 22, a tragic loss to her family. In 1993 Eric moved to Denmark and married Anne-Mette. They have two sons, Adam and Lukas, that brought great joy to her. She made many trips to Denmark to visit her family there. Chere retired from UCLA in 1999 and moved with John to Fallbrook, California where she enjoyed her retirement years doing research on her family heritage and travelling in both the United States and Europe. Her greatest gift was her enthusiasm for life, laughter and love she shared with family and friends. She left this world a better place making an indelible imprint on the hearts and minds of her large family and expanding circle of friends. She was a scholar, an intellectual, and an optimistic leader in the art of being a human of the highest order. Everyone felt they were better persons for knowing her. Many responses of people, even those who only met her briefly, has been they will never forget her. That is the power of unselfish love focused through bright shining eyes, a wonderful smile and an attentive ear. Her final day here on earth was December 13, 2012. She will be remembered forever and our lives enriched by each memory. She is survived by her husband John, her son Eric, her daughter-in-law Anne-Mette, two grandsons, Adam and Lukas. Also she's survived by her brother's children, Stuart and Wendy Glaze and Wendy's son Joshua. Chere was considered a sister by all of John's siblings, favored aunt by nieces and nephews and another mother by all of Eric and Kirk's friends because of the way she loved. A celebration of Chere's life will be held at England Family Chapel on Saturday, December 22, 2012, at 2:00pm.

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  1. Always, the smile. That’s the most lasting memory we have of our Chere. I say ‘our’ because she made each of us feel as if we were the most important person in her life at the moment – saving, of course, her incredible family who always stood at the head of the line in her love. And, the laugh. It really did tinkle like a clear bell in the quiet of a day. It is unthinkable that she is not here, although in fairness, she earned early entrance into the glory of God. In spite of her wisdom and intelligence, she retained that child-like quality of wonder and awe at the marvels of her world, the beauty in the smallest detail of nature and the newness of life. Maybe because she herself was like a tiny, every-blooming flower she appreciated the littlest of gestures, the most mundane kindnesses, the simplest of gifts. Thanks, ChereandJohn – for those names run together as one and must always be linked when we think or speak either. Thanks for being the example of family that we strive to be… Thanks for taking us into your immediate and extended family… Thanks for the years of sharing news and stories and ideas and love… Thanks for showing us the joys of camping… Thanks for the time we spent together in California, New Mexico, and Hawaii… Thanks for your example of love and devotion… Thanks for the legacy you leave. And, yes, I am weeping as I write. Tears are always for the weeper, for the one who has gone is experiencing unadulterated joy in the presence of God. And, maybe, just maybe, God ‘needed’ Chere there to welcome the little ones who followed the very next day. A silly thought? Probably…but who better to bring love and comfort? To each of you who grieve with us we send our loving prayers and our wish for the strength to see the wisdom in God’s choice and a clear path forward, carrying Chere’s love in your heart as a balm.

  2. Aunt Chere, Thank you for letting me become a part of your life and making me feel like family. I have so many great memories growing up with you, John, Eric and Kirk. The camping trips, dirt bike riding in the Desert, the pile of bicycle parts John would buy for us at the Police Auction ever summer, the Dark Room you and John built for the boys, and your lovely smile that you shared with the world. Pleas say Hi to all the Family members and tell them that I love them.

  3. Chere I (Glen) has known you since you were born. Rosi for 27 years. Thanks for being “best” people at our wedding in Las Vegas. Don’t give up being a K-Mart floozy. We’re going to miss your quick wit and beautiful smile. Whereever you are you are gathering your friends around you to have a good laugh at whatever comes your way. Miss you already. Love, Glen and Rosi

  4. Chere we miss you dearly. Thanks for treating me like another one of your sons. I will always remember all of the good times we had whether it was having dinner at your house or singing campfire songs at a family reunion. You always had kindness and patience in your heart and I will always carry that memory. Thanks for all the good times. Love you.

  5. Chere, I only met you a few times but I remember your smile and your laughter. I know you will be missed by many especially my dad and mom that loved you dearly! May you rest in peace.

  6. Chere, we are shocked and saddened that you are gone so suddenly. We had so much fun in high school (and for Sam, you both had fun at Hudnall Elementary, Crozier Jr. High and IHS). It was such a pleasure knowing you all these years and especially getting together again here in Fallbrook. You were always happy, in a good mood, and fun to be with. We will miss you. Rest in peace our dear friend.

  7. Chere, You were a bright light in the lives of those around you. That light has now dimmed but if we can always, always remember, cherish, carry and reflect it to those around us, life will be enriched. I praise and honor you for the lesson of light you gave me. Rest gently dear soul. Carol Cook

  8. Dear Chere, I am finding it very difficult to believe that you are no longer with us. This has all happened so suddenly. It’s going to take months for me to accept that you’re sweet genuine little soul is no longer anchored to a human body like the rest of us. I can promise that I will be looking out for your beloved John who I know was your dearest partner in this life. I will still feel your warmth and accepting love through him. It is too hard to say goodbye right now. What we would do to have kept you here with us…

  9. Dear Chere, You were an angel in life, such a bright and joyful person, always caring for others and giving all of yourself. I will always remember your kind words, your smile, and how you made others feel, a warm sun on our lives. All the years and holidays we spent together at the ranch in Auburn will be forever part of me, and my best childhood memories with you and the family. You raised two of the kindest and most patient boys ever, putting up with two pesty teenage girls. You were an amazing Mom to all of us, adoptees and all :-). My heart breaks that you are gone so soon, such a devastating loss. I hope you are reunited with Kirk and the rest of the family. I will miss you always and you will forever be in my heart. Love, Wendy

  10. Dear John and Chere, It’s difficult to describe the loving friendship of you, my earliest and best friends, and harder now that Chere has left us. In my dark hours I remembered Chere’s gentleness, her laughter, her loving comments, her picaresque debating style (“Now, Phil, do you really think that ______?” …then she’d laugh at my bewilderment. I loved her for it. Chere’s laughter and love flowed out to so many of us. How many people remembered a chat with Chere as the highlight of that week or month? Chere warmed our hearts with her gentleness, with pithy discussions, and with her delicious cooking. Like the man in Townes Van Zandt’s song, we are all now beneath the laughter of her eyes. Love, Phil

  11. Dear John and Family: What a LIGHT Chere shined in life. The Service was abundant with Love. The remembrances from the people present showed how deeply they loved Chere. We DAR Sisters only wish we would have had more time to know her and her spirit. With sympathy that words can’t express Carol Anderson, Regent Monserate Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

  12. Dear John and family: You have my deepest sympathy. I was looking forward to hearing more about Chere’s ancestor that served in American Revolution last November,which was the same day that she was installed as a DAR member. I remember I took her photograph and another one with you, John; a lovely couple. Your DAR sisters will miss you. Lynette Canales, Historian, Monserate Chapter NSDAR

  13. Dear Negaard family, It has been a very sad week here in France, where Chere had so many friends. We all appreciated her kindness and permanent smile. She is one of the kindest person I have ever met on earth, in all my various trips. Chere has been like a real mom for me when I travelled to California, around 30 years ago, and she continued to be that way year after year, including with my wife Marianne and our 3 kids. We all miss her already. We will always remember and love her. We are thinking of the whole Negaard family in these painful days. You are so special for us. We love you. Jean-François, Marianne, Benjamin, Juliette, and Mathilde Alain and Alice Janine

  14. Dearest Chere, I never saw you that you didn’t have a smile on your face. You treated me as one of your own. From playing as a child with Kirk to getting to know you as an adult you and John are very dear to me and I will always cherish that. Thank you for being a part of my life and for allowing me to be a part of yours. God needed a special angel and he sure has one now. Hug Kirk for me. I miss and love you both.

  15. Dearest John Shock and disbelief and sorrow. Chere was amazing, sweet, kind and beautiful and so much more. We are so thankful you found each other. Chere was such a blessing. Please know we’re with you. We are so thankful you touched our lives.

  16. Deeply saddened at the lost of a wonderful lady. We went to grade school together. I remember how smart and nice she was. I will cherish the friendship we had throughout the years.

  17. Good bye my dear dear friend. You & John made a big difference in my life. I think of you often. You were always happy. See you on the other side.

  18. Hi John, We are so awfully saddened by Chere’s early departure. That goes without saying. The shock never ends but what is so wonderful to us was her always bright smile and the shining light she instilled in our lives. She was beautiful. She was filled with love and enthusiasm for family, new, old, in the future and in the past. We enjoyed sharing the contagious quest for finding our ancestors. She always asked questions and wanted to know how everyone was related. She loved sharing the old family stories. Finding the hundreds of cousins that we share has been the most enjoyable parts of being an amateur genealogist. After only meeting a couple of years ago, I’m so happy that we got to enjoy a few good meals, a ballgame and a couple of concerts together. I know Chere was really looking forward to our concert in Temecula and I’m so sorry that we just missed her but I am happy that she didn’t suffer a long illness. Hoping you’ll not mind catching another game or meal sometime when up in LA. We’re planning to be there Saturday depending on my mom who is having surgery on Thursday. With love and hugs and an especially big one for Chere, Maurice and Lynn

  19. I am glad I had become an old man before Chere’s passing. I think of her every ten minutes since I heard the news. When I was younger I would have punished my self with details of her dying. Bless her sweet soul she had John there with her in her final hours. When I think of her now, I think of the time 50 odd years ago when I first met her. It was at a church camp in the mountains of Southern California. She was on her first date with John and they were holding hands in a church camp moonlight walk. Later that evening John loaned me his swea. ter when it was too cold to sleep in the unheated cabinWhen she and Rena came to Graceland a few years later I marveled at their loving and gracious laughter. It was beautiful. Fifty years ago they were married at almost the same time John’s father married Chere’s mother. That too was beautiful. So many years of Chere’s beauty passed. So many years of admiring her sense of humor and intellect. I could fill several volumes with countless examples of her grace, intellect and caring. She was one of the few people who taught me what love and grace really are. John was the only person I ever knew who was worthy of her love. Never in that 50 plus years I knew her did she downgrade or upbraid someone for their unworthiness, rudeness, or selfishness. She loved her boys with intense selfless and radiant love. She taught us all these things by just being with us. When I found out about her death a few days ago, my body wanted to die as well. I wandered about alone thinking of a new memory of Chere every ten minutes. Had I been young I would have relived her dying over and over but as an old man, my addlepated brain recalled only a fusion of the beautiful life of the Chere. After several days and of nights of this, I woke up in the evening in my upstairs bedroom and looked around. The room half lit was full of full of an amber, golden, luminous I have to say a resplendent glow all around me. I asked myself if this

  20. I am so sorry that I never got to meet her. We did have a lot of contact on line and shared some genealogy. Our love and prayers to each family member… Darlene

  21. I only in the last several years “found” Chere by way of us both doing Genealogy on the Byard family, of which we both are descendants. My Grandmother was Belle Byard and Chere’s Grandmother was Jessie Byard, who were sisters making Chere my cousin. We exchanged family history and pictures and had a wonderful relationship in doing so. I am so sorry to hear of her passing and pray for God to give her family strength to endure. May her memories help in your loss. God Bless You All.

  22. I was so surprised to find that Chere had passed. Although I never met her face to face, I enjoyed her presence on facebook and emails. Prayers for Chere and her family and friends

  23. I will never forget the happy times spent with the Negaard family. Chere, the warmth and love you showed to my friends and I when we met you back in the 1980’s has been in my heart ever since. I have such wonderful memories from spending time with you and your family in friends, attending Negaard reunions and sitting around the big round table in Hawthorne enjoying great converstaion and laughter. May you rest in peace knowing you are forever loved and you will never be forgotten. With much love always Janet x

  24. It is not possible to express my feelings for Aunt Chere in a few words, but a few that come to mind are written here. Chere was a gentle and loving spirit among those around Her. She was kind, loving, funny, generous, and thoughtful. Her light shone brightly as She was truly engaged with the people around Her. I will never forget Her example of selflessness and really giving of Herself for family and friends. Aloha, Aunt Chere, with much love and sadness. I am grateful you were a part of my life.

  25. It’s the little things, the small, everyday occurrences that you’ll remember. The laughs, the stories, the smiles. And even though it seems like you can never recover from your loss, it is these very memories that will help push the pain away and bring back the smiles. These memories will keep Chere with you forever.

  26. John so sorry your Beautiful Chere has passed….. We loved her and I really looked forward to your visits up here, and seeing you both so happy together!!! You are truly an inspiration!!! as was Chere!!! suezenne

  27. John, my heart aches for you and your family. Chere was such a lovely, gracious, and intelligent woman. We are fortunate to have known her. I pray that her spirit and yours will feel peace and love.

  28. John, my heart aches for you. It has been many years since I moved away and lost contact, but I have happy memories of you, Chere, and the Venegas family and my family getting together for backyard barbeques, picnics, camping etc. I hope all your memories of your years with Chere will comfort you and help you to be able to smile again. God be with you and your family. best regards, Nina

  29. John, We have known Chere all of her life. We have seen her grow and develop into a wonderful, highly educated, beautiful person. Although you have experienced a number of adversities, you have always persevered and continued with your loving relationship. We will miss Chere very much and wish the best for you and your loved ones. Irby and Dee Webb

  30. John, You and Chere have been a part of my memory as long as I have had memories. Together you have been so loving and accepting of all of our stages and phases. Welcoming us into your homes and lives. You always have made me feel special. We have shared so many adventures or experiences. Thank you for all of your kindnesses. I love you so much.

  31. My Dearest Aunt Chere, Im finding it so hard to find the words good enough to express how I feel about you, I dont think there are any, you were so much than “good” or even “great” in every way. Like, Wendy, my best memories are having our family together at the ranch with all the cousins and extended family, your house and futuristic I thought it was when I was little. Camping trips and riding at the top of the camper looking out the front top of the cab, just so many wonderful and cherished memories, I could never pinpoint just one, you made everything we did better and you made people want to be better people, you did that. You get to be with Kirk and the rest, for that Im a little jealous, but I know you’ll be waiting for each and every one us as we make our journey home to you, love you awlays Chere.

  32. My deepest sympathy to you the members of chere’s family. I was a High school classmate. I saw here at our 50th reunion. I’m sad. Jackie

  33. oh John, my heart just breaks for you! I just found out that Chere had passed away. If I had known sooner, I would have come to the service. Take care & please let me know if there is anything that I can do. I will truly miss Chere.

  34. Our DAR time was short but long enough to know that a lovely lady will be missed. My sincere sympathy! Laverne Boyd Monserate Chapter DAR Advisor

  35. Sad to hear of Chere’s passing. I have FOND memories of time spent with all of the Negaard family. Bless you John and Eric. Russell Painter

  36. Some of my earliest non-reunion memories were at the Hawthorne house. Chere always had great hugs and great smiles and I think besides Nolan, she was one of my favorite Negaards. The love and thoughtfulness she showed towards me and my family, especially my grandparents will forever be felt in my heart. She was ALWAYS there for anything they needed and I know it was a relief for them to know that she and John were close by. Love you Chere, blessed to have been a part of your life!

  37. Some of the fondest memories growing up was getting to know the Negaard family.I feel blessed to have looked to Chere as one of the most positive influences I have ever had the pleasure to know. Chere You will be missed. Know that my thoughts and prayers are with you John & Eric.

  38. Sweet Chere: It has been an honor and privilege to know you. My girls thought of you as a grandparent. You and John attended significant events in our lives…our wedding…Morgan’s HS graduation…Christmas, etc. I was so looking forward to your visit to Florida. Your gentle and kind spirit is something I aspire to. I appreciated your love of books and movies. You opened your home to us on several occasions. On one occasion, you were not even home, but allowed us to stay there so we could bring our niece, Kristine, to Disneyland for her first time. Your beautiful smile and disposition was so admirable. You were loved by many and will always be remembered. Love, Sherri

  39. To Chere’s family – I just found out that Chere passed away and am shocked. I worked with Chere to put her DAR Application together for over three years – encouraging her and waiting until she had the time to do this. After finding out we could not use her mother’s lineage I looked and found another Patriot for her and she was excited again and happy when her application was approved and she became a member last month at our meeting. I was so looking forward to having her smiling face at our meetings. We will miss her. Pat Hall, Registrar, Monserate Chapter NSDAR

  40. What a beautiful smile we have lost! Your DAR sisters will miss her. You have my deepest sympathy. May you remember the wonderful times you’ve spent together to help you through this difficult time. Kind regards, Stephanie Boyd Monserate DAR Chapter, Associate member LA Eschscholtzia DAR Chapter, Regent

  41. Wherever you are I know you are with Kirk. Laughing and being the beautiful, kind, loving person you have always been. I haven’t seen you or John in years but you always kept in touch on Facebook and with cards and sent me the most beautiful card and passage when my son passed. You will be missed by all.

  42. Will always remember you. Thank you so much for the love you have shown us all. Blessings of kindness and peace. oxo

  43. Your husband john along with roy maas, larry and rena weed and mark and lori hyatt stripped me cary hyatt, out of the legacy funds you left me. They straight out committed fraud grand theft and even stole the plaque I made for you at the property, it states your only a thought away

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