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Josephine Falucho-Thomas

josephine falucho-thomas

If there were one word to describe this amazingly special person, it would be sacrifice. Joy was always thinking of others before herself. She sacrificed herself for her children, husband, co-workers, friends, her family. Joy always had a smile , even in her most difficult hour. She was a cheerful-positive , hardworking , loving person to be around . She infected others with her style and upbeat attitude. Joy was a most loved wife , mother , friend that a person could have . Joy spent the last thirty years as a nurse , the last ten working with Veterans , helping them in anyway she could , always a strong advocate for them. This special person comes along once in a life time , and will truly be missed . Joy passed away at 55 years young, on Thanksgiving 11-24-2022 after battling multiple health issues . She took her last breath at home with her husband and two teenage children, holding their hands , fighting to the end . Joy we “Love You” and miss you so much , a special place in Heaven is reserved for you, my Love . May God Bless You and write you in the Lambs Book of Life. Love Jerry , Gabby and John-John.

Funeral arrangements were entrusted to England Family Mortuary, Inc.

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  1. Joy will forever be in our hearts. Her infectious smile and truly sincere personality left a last impression on everyone she met. I was blessed to meet her when I started at the VA and she instantly made me feel at home. There aren’t enough words in the dictionary to express how much her presence will be missed. She will forever live within our hearts and keep us safe from Heaven. Many deep condolences to her much loved husband and children.

  2. Joy was truly a wonderful mother and person. She truly put her family first in everything she did. That was apparent in all the events that I was able to see and speak with her at. She will be cherished in our hearts forever. ❤️

  3. Joy is one of the brightest lights you could ever be fortunate enough to know. She leaves everyone better than when she found them. She could always be counted on to lift others up and was totally selfless, always thinking of others. She was an Angel on this earth. I have never met such a strong woman- what an amazing example of faith, love and kindness. Joy I miss you!

  4. Joy was a friend of mine. Or was she my sister? Or my mother? She was everything! We shared so many confidences and secrets. And we laughed and laughed until we cried and couldn’t catch our breath. I loved Joy. She was a once in a lifetime friend. She tried so hard to stay healthy. She loved her children, Gabby and John John and her husband, Jerry completely. She was a very proud Mama and Wife. I will never forget Joy.❤️

  5. Joy is not just her name, but the very essence of who she was and what she shared with all of those around her. Her spirit was so joyful, loving, caring and selfless. She made everyone around her a better person. She made me a better person. She was such a beautiful person, inside and out. I admired her on so many levels. Miss you Joy!!! Sending love and prayers for your family!

  6. It would be a disservice to say I knew Joy as much as she was loved. She radiated positivity and was an example of what kindness and love should be. My thoughts today are with her family, her friends, and those that loved her. I hope that she is remembered for what we should all aspire to be…..

  7. Joy is my miracle woman, a true friend and an amazing person. I feel very blessed and lucky to know Joy . We connected so well at a deeper level. Joy could read people’s mind.
    My prayers and thoughts are with family
    I am missing you Joy ♥️

  8. Joy was a fighter till the end. I had the pleasure of being her hemodialysis nurse while she was in the hospital. I enjoyed getting to know her story, seeing her recover from ICU and eventually discharging home. She had such an amazing attitude, positive and pleasant, and her love for her family and her dog was very obvious. Seeing Jerry with Joy impacted the way I approach my own marriage. I saw real and true unconditional love. My deepest condolences goes out to the family. May Joy Rest In Peace and watch over us from above.

  9. I want to say Joy was one of the kindest , gentlest , most positive persons I have ever met . Knowing her for the last five years and watching her go through the most extreme physical health issues . She is an example of selflessness and living for her family , she will truly be missed by myself and many others. Joy explemplifies what all of us should aspire to be . God Bless you and your family . You are an inspiration for all of us.

    • Thank you, Joy was truly a beautiful spirit, one that often walked silently through life , often missed by many . I am honoured to be her soul mate , I miss her ,❤️🙏.

  10. One of the sweetest ladies I’ve ever known! She oriented me when I came to San Diego from the Houston VA in 2015. She greeted me with kindness and always had a positive attitude. I used to tease her with a song “joy and pain” by Rob Bass”i used to sing to her and she would always laugh.she often mentioned to me that her husband was the silver back and the protector of her family. She often accompanied her father to his medical appointments which he was my patient. I could see she didn’t feel well, but always pushed through. Rest in peace my friend. You have touched and inspired more lives that you could not imagine through your kindness and the way you presented yourself as a true lady, dedicated wife, mother and daughter. Rest in your angelic state, it was my true pleasure to be in your presence.

  11. Everyday that goes by without you my Love seems impossible , I miss you my terribly , the suffering you endured was beyond comprehension. I cry out daily , asking God , WHY? Thirty years together was not long enough. I am grateful tho’ it was with me , you are the one who see’s life the way it should be. I am thankful the greater powers placed you in my life. Many will not know you , you were the silent one passing them by , you are a blessing that few will understand. I Love you so much , my pain is deep , I pray you are safe and loved. I always protected you , but you made me a better man, a better person, you salvaged me and I am in your debt. Thank you for our time together , I Love You my friend, my wife, my Love , may God Bless you and keep you safe, till we meet agin My Love. Your husband Jerry (Dad).

  12. ‘You are the salt of the earth…You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead, they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in Heaven.’ Matthew 5:13-16
    Salt and light are both meant to flavor and illuminate other things and not itself. Joys was salt to others by living her life to serve and bless other people with a loving spirit. In working with Joy through the years, I did not witness her ever complain about her tasks. Instead, she would smile and laugh with her co-workers and patients. An example of this would be when I was behind schedule in clinic seeing patients. I would be feeling frustrated, stressed, and non-productive. While in the next room I would hear Joy checking in my patient. She would be joking, laughing, and making that person’s day worthwhile and enjoyable. As well as setting up our clinical encounter for success. I also never heard Joy complain about her family life. But she would share how grateful she was for her husband’s support. Her pride as a mother beamed whenever she would speak about her children.
    As light to the world, she brought literal joy and hope to so many people she encountered in her daily life. Also, Joy gave me hope in one of the most difficult times in my life. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I was feeling alone and helpless. Joy shared with me her heroic story of not only surviving breast cancer but saving her son’s life. She relied on her faith in God and prayer, much like her mother, to get through all of her challenges. Shining her light of faith and sharing God’s unconditional love strengthened my own faith and gave me courage and hope.
    Her absence at work is always felt. As though food lost its flavor, or the light became dimmer. But remembering the faithful Christian witness that Joy embodied gives me guidance on how to be the ‘salt and light of the world’ that God intended us to be.
    I pray her soul is with her dearly departed mother in Heaven. ‘Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May the souls of all the faithful departed, through the Mercy of God, rest in peace.’

    • Thank You for those beautiful words , she was truly a treasure , a more amazing selfless person there could never be. She was the embodiment of salt and light. I miss my Joy .

  13. For several years, Joy would not infrequently help cover the check-in of patients for my panel of Veterans. She truly embodied the nobility of her name with enthusiasm and kindness. I cannot imagine the loss felt by those nearest to her. May the peace of Christ comfort you. Thank you for sharing Joy with us. Her memorably is indelibly etched on our hearts.

  14. Joy , My Love , even though these are just words on a page , I want you to know what a special person you are to me . For thirty years you were my best friend , my confidant , my Love . I miss your touch , your smile , your laughter . I miss you listening to my stories at night , I miss holding you . I want you to know I am still here and will never leave you , my Love for you grows very day , my respect for you is endless . Your infinite sacrifice for others will not be forgotten , I am so proud to call you my wife , my friend , my Love . My prayer for you now is to be Loved , safe , happy , and full of light . Thank You mom for being in my life and Loving me . Love always your husband and friend forever.

  15. Joy , My Love , today is two months you have passed , I know many have forgotten and moved on , today I love you more than ever , my pain of losing you does not subside . You were the most special wife and friend one could have . Please know , I will never forget our thirty years of amazing life together . Many will never experience what we had , you are the embodiment of what God seeks for us to be, Love , Compassion, Empathy , Friendship. Not many will know your true self , I was one of the fortunate ones . I Love You forever Joy , Thank You again my Love , I miss you Dearly . Love forever Jerry

  16. Joy, Here I am again My Love , missing You. Brought you fresh flowers again today , played some ballads for you that you always liked at work . Kids are doing their homework , with difficulty of course , yet somehow they work their way through , lol. I Love you my Sweet , you were my balance in life . After thirty years together we were just getting to the best part , but the good Lord thought it was time for you to come home . One day , I pray we will meet again and this time it’ll be forever. I am forever grateful you were my Love , I miss you baby , hope to see you in my dreams tonight . Stay safe , be happy , be loved . Love, your husband Jerry

  17. Hi mom , Been thinking of you , everyday . I am missing you , hoping the spirit of God is shining his Love and glory on you .” I Love You” , you were my balance in life , Thank You for being the person you are , even tho’ many missed it , I am so honored to be in your life. May God Bless you , Love you , Protect you . I am here my Love , I am always in your debt . Love Your Husband. Jerry

  18. Hello my Love , waiting outside for our daughter at school , I am thinking of you and missing you . I haven’t felt well lately, a lot of it is stress and a broken heart 💔. I am trying to stay busy, many things to do when you lose your best friend and Love after thirty years. Just wanted to say hi and I Love ❤️ you my sweet. Always yours Jerr

  19. Good Morning my sweet , Just thought I’d tell you “I miss you and Love you” so much , the kids and I got you some beautiful Red Roses and bouquets for Valentines Day . I miss your laughter , your touch , your smile , just being near you. The kids are well , trying to put one foot in front of the other , they miss you sooo much , I just wanted to check in and tell you “I Love You” , our daily/hourly prayers and thoughts are for you my Love. Always Jerr

  20. Hello My Love , Getting ready for sleep and said our prayers , Thanking God you were in my life for thirty years , the kids send their Love and prayers .Tomorrow will be 3 months you have been by my side . I miss you each and every day , I got some more flowers for you today , Sunflowers , Carnations , and some pretty cool blue flowers that I can’t pronounce their name , but thought you’d like them . We have been lighting candles lately for you , hope you like them . Hope to see you in my dreams , I Love and miss you so much , My prayers are for you to be Loved , Protected , Happy , and Safe . Maybe one day if God allows I will be with you and hold your hand as you Loved to do. Forever Yours …..Jerr

  21. Hi Baby , today I took our daughter to school today and driving home I really was missing you and to be honest the tears started flowing , I started talking to God and asking you be safe and happy , it was difficult . As I turned the corner to home I looked up in the sky and a beautiful full bloom rainbow was over our house , I had to pull over and take a picture and Thank GOD , as I pulled into the driveway two doves were sitting on our lawn , again I took a picture and thanked God, and of course you , letting me know you were o.k. , I Love you my sweet , I miss you , and when I get there we will spend eternity holding hands . I know some might think this is hokie , but for me it is what keeps me going everyday . I Love You Joy , miss you……………..Always Jerr

  22. Hello My Sweet , Jus’ checking in , missing you big time today , kids are sick , so taking care of them . I miss your help , you were always on top of that when they weren’t feeling well . I Love You so much , and hopefully we will be re-united some day , the world didn’t deserve you . Not sure I did , but am glad you chose me to be with in your life . Don’t mean to be sullen , but I just miss you, you were my Life and balance. Love You Jerry

  23. Hello my Love , thought I would just say hello and to tell you how much I miss and Love you . I was listening to some of the Love songs I sent you while you were at work . I miss you very much . Thank You for being my Joy for thirty years . You were my one and only . I Love you my sweet , may God Bless You and protect you eternally . Jerry

  24. Four months you have been gone my Love , I miss you so much , one day we will be together again , my best friend , my Love , Thank You my Sweet for being in my life for thirty years . See you in my dreams love. Always yours Jerr

  25. Good Morning Love , Easter is coming up in a couple days and we are missing you , this is the first Easter you will not be here hiding eggs around the house for the kids and then having a family Easter dinner. Not sure what we are going to do , I’ll try to make the best of it for our children . I am missing you so much and my Love for you grows stronger each day . I wish you well and peace , our prayers are for you each night before bed , sending you our Love and thoughts . “I Love You” my sweet. Forever yours Jerr.

  26. Good Morning My Love , Today is five months you have passed away . I tell you, my Love and Admiration for you grows stronger each day and I miss you so much . I pray you are safe and happy , Thank You again for being in my life for thirty years and my best friend . I miss you so much and my heart aches not being able to hold you. John-John , Gabby and Me miss you . Love always Jerr.


  28. Hello My Love , Can’t sleep , thinking of you , I want you to know how much we miss you and me especially . I Love You my sweet . Words can’t express the depths of my heartache knowing you are not here with us. You were the best thing that ever happened to me , Thank You for all that you were and being my soul mate , I pray one day we will be together again . I promise to do a better job next time…lol . Love you sooooo much , always yours Jerr.

  29. Happy Mothers Day My Love , “Thank You Again” for being the wonderful mother you were for our kids . You were so instrumental in their lives . We miss you so very much , I Love you . Words can’t express my broken heart not being with you . My memory will not fade from our life together , Thank You for Loving us, Thank You for Loving me !. Jerry (dad)

  30. Good Morning my Love , I am still here my sweet , missing you more than ever , not a day goes by that I think of you a thousand times , I want to tell you how important you were in my life and my heart breaks not being able to hold you . Thank You so much for being the Love of my life , our babies are doing ok , but they miss your laugh and hugs . I Love You baby. Always Jerr.

  31. Good Evening My Love , I am here thinking of you again , a thousand times a day . I miss you and Love you so much. Maybe one day , “Lord Willing” he will let us be together again , this time for eternity . The kids are finishing school this week , not much planned this summer tho’ . Without you my heart is empty , I’ll try to do something close by , I pray you are safe , Loved and happy . I miss your infectious laugh and rubbing your sore back at night . I Love you my sweet ,always have , always will !!! Love Jerr

  32. Hello My Love , My thoughts and Love are being sent your way , I miss you so very much , I have had a bad tooth ache lately , have to go to the dentist tomorrow I think. I am refreshing your flowers every day and lighting your candles nightly , you are in our constant prayers . I can’t “Thank You” enough for being the Love of my life for thirty years , although I am not deserving , you were my shining light when I needed it most . I miss you so much , my heart aches not being able to hear you and knowing your near. I hope and pray if the creator allows me, to be by your side for eternity. Thank You my Sweet . Always yours Jerr.

  33. Good Morning Mom , Praying you are having a good day , I am missing you ever so much today . I made the kids breakfast and the smell brought so many memories of us together as a family . I Love You and miss you so much , I can only pray and hope we will be together again and live eternally together . You were my life and my balance . I miss talking to you and just knowing you were close by . I pray you are Loved , Safe , and without any pain . I am changing your flowers so they are fresh , “Thank You” my Love ad Friend for being in my life and giving us two amazing children. God Bless you Joy ,……….Love dad Jerr

  34. Mom , it’s 2 a.m. , couldn’t sleep , thinking of you , missing you so much . You were the Love of my life , my balance and best friend . Thank You for being in my life , thirty years went so quickly , great memories and two beautiful children are what you have blessed me with . I pray you are in a wonderful , loving , safe place. I hope and pray to be with you again . It is impossible to be without you , my emptiness runs deep . I Love You so much. Dad (Jerr)

  35. Hi Mom , Just dropping in to say how much I love You and Miss You , you are always on my mind and heart. It’s early evening on a Saturday and hot , just lying down thinking of you . I miss you so much , miss talking to you , just knowing you were nearby was my comfort . Ahhhhhh , “I Love You” my sweet !! Always yours Jerr

  36. Hello My Love , Just thought I’d tell you how much you meant to me and that I miss you so much . Of course words are unable to express my Love for you , my heart has been breaking lately , it seems very little thing triggers my emotion . I miss having you near me , I know the kids do also . Anyway we pray every night that you are safe and send Love your way . I will always be in your debt for your Love for me . I’m sure I wasn’t deserving of it , but I am ever so grateful you were in my life . Thank You my Sweet , I Love You forever . Always Yours Jerr . P.S. I miss hearing your voice call for me .

  37. I Love you my Sweet , missing you tonight , I sent some Love songs to you , you always got them at work during the day , told you I can’t sing , but the words are true how I feel , missing you . sleep tight my Love …….always yours Jerr .

  38. Good Morning My Love , As always I have been missing you , and I am sending my Love your way . The kids and I are getting through each day while our hearts are broken . I hope and pray one day God willing he allows me to be with you again . You were the Love of my life and best friend . I Love You Joy , you will always be the one for me. Love Dad (Jerry)

  39. Hello mom , I want to say how much I Love You , today is nine months you have been away . I want to say how much you always meant to me , you are so rare of a person . I probably didn’t say that enough , but I’m telling you how extraordinary you are. Most people never realized the beauty you had , not only physical beauty , but your spirit , your soul , your presence around others . That is the truth ! I Love You more each day , I miss you more each day , my heart breaks each day . I have cried a thousand tears each day . I pray and hope we will meet again my Love . This time I’ll do a better job , I promise . ha! You are the light of my life and made me a better man , and I’m still working on it my love. Thank You again for being my soul mate , dad

  40. Good Morning Mom , Couldn’t sleep , thinking about you every day and missing you , I Love You so much . I hope and pray God is taking care of you and you are safe . My heart is empty without you . Thank You for being in my life , I Love You . Our life together was special , you were my one and only . I miss you my Love. Always Jerr .

  41. Hello mom , Sitting here watching John in Judo , took a walk outside thinking of how much I miss and Love ❤️ you ! I pray 🙏 God has blessed 😇 you and pours his Holy Spirit out on you. I miss you 😢 so much , the kids are doing ok , they miss you so much. I pray one day we will be together again my Love . Always Jerr ❤️❤️❤️🌹🌹🌹

  42. For my Love , best friend , confidant, mother, wife, beautiful soul mate . I miss you 😢 ❤️🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  43. Good Morning My Love , Today you have been gone ten months , I miss you so much . Each day that goes by becomes more challenging my sweet . I can only tell you my Love grows stronger, and my respect for you more immense as time goes by . You were my saving grace , so much of who you were and are makes me Love you endlessly . I hope and Pray you are in a safe , loving place , no more pain , no more sorrow , no more tears. My heart aches for you , every fiber of my being cry’s out to be with you , to hold you , to hear your laughter , just to have you here with me . The kids send their momma Love and kisses today , especially . Thank You Joy for being in our lives , especially mine . I miss You mom , Love forever Jerr .

  44. Still Loving you Mom , forever and ever ! Just sitting here with you forever on my mind . My hope and prayer for you is for Love , happiness , no more pain , no more sorrow and the Holy Spirit fills you with eternal hope. I Love and Miss you so much , I am still standing, and my prayers for you are eternal . One day we will be together forever . You were my best friend , Love , confidant , mother of two beautiful children , you were a silent sufferer , and always sacrificed for others. I am so proud of you and can’t tell enough my LOVE for you grows stronger each day . I miss you my Love. Always Jerr

  45. Good Morning My Love , It is one in the morning , couldn’t sleep , thinking of you . I miss you so much , it hurts right now . I checked on the kids sleeping , like I used to with you . My heart is broken and I wish you were here sleeping so I could cover you up and make sure you were o.k. No one understands this pain I am in , I cry out to God and call out your name , the silence is deafening , which makes it worse . I just Love you Joy . I am lost without you , I pray you are some where safe and loved , no more pain . Time went so quickly for us , it just wasn’t fair what happened to you . I Love You my wife . You were my balance in life , thank you mom . I am so tired , I can’t sleep , I miss you , I miss you . Love Jerr.

  46. Hello My Love , Today is eleven months we have been apart , and it seems like only yesterday I gave you a final kiss and you took your last breath , while your babies held your hand goodbye . I am so in Love with you even more now than ever . My heart aches each day , it is impossible for those around me to understand the depths of pain I am in . I am taking care of our babies and you would be proud of them in this most difficult time. Please know I miss and Love you more than ever. Your babies try their best to get through each day , I struggle to get through the moment . My hope and prayer is to be with you again , you’re my best friend and will always be my Love forever . Thank You my beautiful wife for being in our lives . You were an amazing mother , wife , and friend , I miss you so much. Always yours Jerr (Dad)

  47. Hello My Love , I couldn’t sleep , it’s 2 a.m. and I have been thinking of you all night . Just wanted to say how much I Love you , and how much you mean to me . I just Love you , in my thoughts and prayers every single day. I miss you so very much , maybe one day we will be together again , this is my hope and prayer . For now I will take care of your babies , our children . You were an amazing mother and friend to them . They miss and Love you . Forever yours Jerr.

  48. Good Morning My Love , I just took your babies to school and refreshed your flowers . I just want you to know how much we miss and Love you . Each day that goes by doesn’t get any easier . Thank You my sweet , you were my soul mate , friend , confidant , lover , wife , and best mom that I could have . “Thank You , Thank You”. I pray you are are peace , loved , and protected with God . Love Always Jerr

  49. Hello My Love , Today is a bittersweet day for us , it is Thanksgiving , the day you took you final breathe at 9:35 at night at your home last year 2022 . You are my Love, the most amazing person I have ever met . The past year and a half have been extremely challenging . Each day seems more difficult than the day before. Your babies and I had a plaque and memorial for you yesterday at your work , there were many who turned out to honor you and gave some heartfelt sentiments for you . Today I am trying to keep some tradition at home for us as a family . Even tho’ you are not here in the physical , you are here in spirit . We miss you so very much , mere words cannot express the depths of pain . I pray every day to be with you again , I pray God and his angels watch over you and you are well protected and loved .Thank you my sweet for loving me , putting up with me when I didn’t deserve it . You were and are my best friend , confidant , Love , wife , mother and forever imprinted on my soul . Thank You Joy for making me a better man when no one else could , thank you for being you. Love dad , Jerry

  50. Hello My Love , Been thinking you , not just once in awhile , but every second of every day . I Love You so much , missing you so often . How do I tell you in words how much you mean to me and your babies , there aren’t enough words to describe my Love for you . Thank You again and again for being in our lives . Our prayers for you are sent out into the Universe , that you are protected , safe , loved , happy and filled with Joy . Please know I will see you again , and this time it will be for eternity , as I cry out to God for that moment to happen . Thank You My Sweet , you are my future forever . Love Jerr.

  51. Hi mom , Have I told you lately that “I Love You” , “I Miss You” , your beautiful smile , funny sense of humor , your hugs , your infectious spirit , your kindness . Me and your babies refresh your flowers daily and light your candles nightly , how do I put into words my Love for you , you were my soul mate , and God willing we will be together once more , this time forever . My prayers are sent each day , hoping God will hear and pour his Holy Spirit on you . Thank You My Sweet , Always , Always you will be in my soul . Love Dad. Jerry

  52. Hello My Love , I am wishing you a “Merry Christmas” , me and the kids miss you so much . We are just doing our best without you here in person , you are here in Spirit and our Hearts . I miss your hugs first thing in the morning and before bedtime at night . We went to church this morning and had special prayers for you , My soul is empty without you and I’ll do my best for the kids , not to worry , but honestly it’ll never be the same without out you . Mere words don’t express the pain inside knowing you are not here . I Love and Miss you so very much . Again “Thank You” for being in my life and choosing me , “Thank You” for being my friend and mother of our children . God Bless You My Love………………….dad (Jerry)

  53. Hello My Love , It’s New Years Eve 2024 , I am sending my Love and Missing you . We are at home , made breakfast for your babies , your son went ice skating with his friend , your daughter is kinda down in the dumps . We all miss you and our prayers are sent to the heavens every night that you are at peace and loved , protected . 2024 will be a tough year , without you . Thank You so much for being in our lives and being the most beautiful important person I have ever met . I Love You Joy , I can’t say that enough !!! Love dad

  54. Hi Mom , Just wanted to tell you how much I miss and “LOVE” you , it has been a difficult beginning New Year 2024 , we didn’t do a lot for the holiday’s , took the kids to Cheesecake Factory for lunch and our favorite pizza place , we missed you being there , your two babies are having their Military Ball in a couple weeks , I got a dress for your girl (lot’s of tears) knowing you talked about getting the dress together and doing hair and nails . I can’t tell you enough times how much it hurts and not having you here to hold , talk to , and hear your infectious laugh . “I Love You” my Sweet , kids too !! Always , till we meet again forever yours. Jerry.

  55. Hello My Sweet , Thought I’d tell you how much “I Love and Miss You” , it’s been raining a lot for the last few days . I am waiting for your phone call from work , and praying you make it home safely , after many calls to make sure you’re safe . Alas , the phone call will never come , I miss you , my tears never stop . Thank You my Love for being in my life . You babies are o.k. , they miss you so much and are handling it in their own way I guess. They are safe , you did an amazing job being the Loving mother . Thank You. “I LOVE YOU” JERR

  56. Good Morning My Love , You are on my mind , in my heart , and in my soul . I miss you so much , “Thank You” for all you have done and sacrificed for me and your babies . I pray to see you again one day GOD willing . Kisses !!! Love dad

  57. Happy Valentines Day My Love , “I Love You” , you are in my heart , soul and mind . You will be forever with me . I miss You my sweet . Love Always and Forever. Dad……..Jerr , Gabby and John-John

  58. Hi mom , here again , thinking of you . I have said this a thousand times and WILL say again for eternity , ” I LOVE AND MISS YOU” so very much . I hope and pray I see you, and be with you again . I can’t tell you enough how much you mean to me . I miss everything about you , just “Thank You” for being in my life . Love Jerr

  59. Baby Girl……………….”I LOVE YOU”……….”I MISS YOU”………..YOU WERE EVERYTHING TO ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. Hello Mom , I haven’t fallen off the radar , you are on my heart and mind everyday , my prayers are always for you and GOD watches over you with his Holy Spirit . I am taking care of your babies , not always easy…lol . But I will tell you that you were the BEST mom , wife and friend anyone could have. I know you see me in tears daily , but they are tears for your LOVE and my prayers and hope to be with you again one day . I am getting the house ready for your babies , they need our strength now . I Love you so much , I speak of you often and tell your story how amazingly beautiful and inner strength you have . Thank you my Love, may GOD bless you and be with you , soon to see you again ……….Love Jerr

  61. Good Morning Love , I just wanted to say “I LOVE YOU” so much , missing your hugs , your laugh , our conversations , just knowing you were in the room made me happy and safe . I pray GOD is looking after you , that you are protected , safe and loved. I MISS YOU so much . My heart aches for you . Thank you my sweet for loving me and your babies. You are one in a million that we got to share with the world. Love Jerr (dad)

  62. Hello my Sweet , sitting here , with you on my mind and heart , I just need you to remember what you meant to me and your babies . My heart aches for you each day , my prayers reach out into the heavens for you my love . I am missing you more each day , I Love You Joy , I Love You !!!!! Always and forever Jerr

  63. Good Morning My Love , “Happy Easter” , we miss you hiding eggs and candies for your babies . I love you sweetheart , our prayers are with you each day . Thank You again for being in our lives , the best wife , mom , a friend could have . You are beautiful in every way . Love Jerr. (dad)

  64. Hello My Love , “I’d give up forever to touch you , cause I know that you feel me somehow , you’re the closest to heaven that I’ll ever be , I don’t want to go home right now , all I can taste is this moment , all I can breathe is your life” I miss you my sweet , I Love you forever . Love dad. Jerr

  65. Hello My Love , Tomorrow is our wedding anniversary , I want to thank you for being my best friend , wife , mother , for thirty one years . I hope and pray to be with you again and tell you again in person how special you are and the Love of my life !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. My Love , Today is our wedding anniversary , when I met you 31 years ago I met the most amazing , loving , faithful woman ever . Today is no different , you are now embraced by your loving Father in Heaven who Loves you so much . I am so proud of you and I pray to be with you again , you are my best friend , wife , lover , mother , confidant . I am honored you were in my life , I miss you so much . I Love You my sweet . Happy Anniversary my Love . Always dad Jerr

  67. Hello My Love , I Love You My Sweet , Always and Forever , it’s been two years from that fateful day ………….Love Always Jerr and your babies .

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