Magdalena (Nina) Ermosilla Durfee died peacefully surrounded by family on December 6th in Temecula CA at the age of 82 Nina is survived by her Sister Veronica (Lily) Mia of San Diego, Son & Daughters Charlene (Tom) Gordon Virginia, William Jr (Sofia) San Diego, Evelyn (Frank) San Diego, Cindy (Mark) Hyde Chula Vista, Amy June (Randy) Chase Temecula, 14 Grandchildren & 4 Great grandchildren and a very large extended family. She was preceded in death by her Husband of 59 years William James Durfee, who passed away January of 2016. They are both joined again with the Grace of God. May they rest in peace. 8 siblings of Olongapo Philippines, Baldionier Ermosilla, Silverio Ermosilla, Rosita Ermosilla, Gliceria Malong, Roaslina Ignacio, Marquita Liwanag, Diego Ermosilla, and Pedro Ermosilla Jr. Nina was born in Olongapo Philippines on August 5th 1935 to Pedro Ermosilla and Marcela Elduag ,she graduated from the Naval Reservation Jr College in Olongapo. She married William J Durfee in 1958 a Navy Seabee / MP in the Philippines then moved to Bath Maine in 1960, then they moved to California in 1963, then Oahu Hawaii 1965 until 1970 before settling in Otay Mesa for 45 years. Nina was active in her Parish at St Charles Church in Imperial Beach for over 40 years. She managed the Religious articles store for years and taught Religious studies with her daughters as well. Nina was a life long homemaker and was proud of all of her children’s and Grandchildren’s accomplishments, having been a stay at home mom and guiding their young lives. Nina was well known for her great cooking skills of homemade Philippine and American foods and her family famous Bread. She and her husband were world travelers and she collected various small “Rocks” from Castles throughout the world. We will all remember her gracious smile and warm hugs as she always had both waiting when you came to her house. A Funeral Mass is scheduled for This Thursday at 10:00am at St Charles Church 990 Saturn Blvd, San Diego Ca 92154 with a Reception to Follow at the church hall. All are welcome to attend and celebrate Nina’s Life, In Lieu of flowers, send donations to Alzheimer’s San Diego at 858-492-4400.

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  1. Dear Mom, now that you’re gone, I feel like I can talk to you. I couldn’t talk to you when you were here because of dementia had stolen your mind. When I looked into your eyes, no one was looking back at me. I hated that! We used to be able to talk about all things. We can now continue our conversations, and now you can’t argue with me. Lub you, your son, Billy.

  2. Dear Mom, we’re really missing you this Christmas, You and dad. I miss your bread, the Braided German sweet bread that you so perfectly bake . I miss all the creepy elves you put around the house and your Christmas tree that you tie to the ceiling with fishing line. The house always smelled so good, like Christmas pine starting from the front door . The tree branches you tied together with fishing line that went from the top of the door to the bottom, that was your homemade wreath with a big red bow. I hope you are at peace now with dad and your papa, mama and other siblings that passed before you…, I tried to make you feel as comfortable and loved as I could, helping you to remember your life. I will miss you eternally, love Evelyn.

  3. Grandma, the last conversation I specifically remember having with you was around 2011/2012. It was about 9pm Hawaii Time which made it about 11pm-12am your time. You kept asking me if I was coming back because you missed me so much. You then told me that Hawaii is not safe because of all the tsunamis. I then told you that it was okay because I was here in Hawaii for a reason. I told you that reason was because God called me here to preach the gospel & be an example to the young people here in Hawaii. I then told you that it was actually because of all your prayers that got me to where I am today. You then proceeded to tell me about how much you pray, not just for me but for ALL the grandchildren. You told me that you usually would stay up until 3AM praying for each and every grandchild by name. I remember tears started streaming down my face. I began to remember all the times growing up you telling me and my brothers to pray all the time and for everything. “Don’t forget to pray…make sure you pray for your food…pray before you go to bed…”. Grandma, only God knows the many long hours you spent praying for each and every one of us grandchildren. For that we are beyond grateful. Thank you for your faith and instilling in us the importance of prayer. No matter how far we feel from God, he is near, especially to those who call upon your name. Thank you Grandma. Thank you for all your love. Thank you for your letters filled with prayer books & rosaries that would always come around for my birthdays. Thank you for all the clothes we would receive as Christmas presents. Than you for the endless amounts of bread and frozen pop-tarts. Thank you for the amazing birthday cakes you would always makes for us. Thank you for always seeing us off when it was time for us to go back to Ramona. I will always remember seeing you there on the sidewalk, watching us drive-off until you couldn’t see us anymore. I’m so grateful to have grown up with such loving grandparents. I will mi

  4. Grandma, there are so many things that I love and miss about you that I don’t even know where to start. Your bread, all the food you’d give me whenever I left your house, always asking me to call you when I get home, Jeopardy, and so much more. I’ll always remember our road trip out to Iowa and when we saw Old Faithful in Yellowstone. You got so excited when it started erupting and you ran straight towards it from the Visitor’s Center. I’m glad you got to meet Megan and your Great Granddaughters, they love you much and Alia especially would talk about you too. We will always remember you and love you!

  5. How much love could one person give, I look back at my mother in laws life . From my first meeting her 36 years ago I was more nervous to meet her than meeting grandpa, Evelyn had told me Mom was pretty strict. In hindsight strict meant caring, worrying about her daughters, how do you raise 4 beautiful daughters without being strict. She would at first send the younger sisters on our dates, this lasted about a year, I didn’t mind because I didn’t have sisters and I liked Evs lil sisters tagging along. After Evelyn turned 21 I picked Evelyn on day for a date, the sisters followed us out of the house as usual, I told them not tonight. They ran back in and out came Mom , she stood in front of the car telling us “Take your Seesters” grandpa came out told grandma Ev was 21 and she didn’t have to take her sisters anymore. The day was a milestone for me and Ev, her Mom protected my Wife all her life, yes she was strict but to Mom it meant Love, Caring and preserving her child’s morals. I thank God my mother in law was this way, I respected her and she was able to trust me. I loved her accent, I would pick up on every word, her nick name for my wife, how she’d give the girls the Filipino hiss, pssst, psst , she’d start conversations with “you girl” “you boy”. I was invited to dinner for the first time, Mom cooked what I thought was a huge meal, everything was delicious, this is the way she always cooked. She cooked so much she had a freezer in the dining room. As time went by I was in love with Ev, I had to ask her to Marry me, I had to ask for her hand , again I had to face the parents. Mom and dad were awesome, Mom told me welcome to my “Pamily” and hugged me, her dad shouted “about Time” her little sisters cried. From then on Mom was an important part of our whole life, when the news of kids came she was so happy, when the babies were born she was an awesome grandma and afford

  6. I love, and miss you so much Grandma, and I have so many great memories with you. Like, the many trips we took out to see Frankie in Iowa, living with you and grandpa for the summer, going to Hawaii for Aaron’s wedding, and getting the opportunity to be yours and grandpas caregiver. That last one I am particularly fond of, and if I had a chance to do it again, I would. I love you Grandma.

  7. The small amount of time I got to meet auntie Nina. All I can remember and will always keep is her being gentle and kind. Until we meet again.

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