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Tina Maisano


  1. Serving others in their time of need is an honor and privilege that never grows old, even after 30 plus years. I especially love the people that I work with.
  2. The community that we live in is great. Growing up in LA everything was always so crowded. Temecula is much more open spaces and community filled. My Husband and I love going to old town Temecula and hanging out at Luke’s when we have free time. We also attend church at Cornerstone Community. We truly love the community live in and serving the people that are in it.
  3. I started working in 1993 as an embalmer and have found that adapting to families specific needs is something that has really helped with serving families and the longevity in this profession. I have trained over 10 apprentices. I am caring, compassionate, and dedicated to helping families.
  4. I have 3 sons and a Husband Mike. I love spending time with family and putting God first. I also enjoy running and exploring the new areas that I go to.
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